A Primer on Google Business Messaging (GBM)

Google Search and Google Maps are among the top used Google products. When people want to get more details about a business, they tend to search it on Google and that’s what the whole advertising infrastructure of Google is built on.

Basically, when you search for something on Google, Google shows you the relevant search results, including the businesses that’d help you with your search query. The user clicks on the relevant search result and then tries to connect with the business using some sort of Contact Us form or maybe a chat widget on the Website.

Imagine a situation where, as a business, you are able to cut this 1 step where the user comes to your website to find the Contact Us form or the chat widget. Imagine a situation where the user directly is able to connect with you from the Google search page. Won’t it generate more leads for your business and reduce drop-offs from your website?

How does it work?

Well, Google has exactly implemented this recently via Google Business Messaging. Basically, when the users search for your business on Google, they will see your business details along with a button to connect with your business via a powerful chat mechanism. Take a look at the search query along with the search results below:

Basically, the user is trying to search for “HDFC Home Loan customer care”. Not only does she see the contact number below, but also she sees an option to immediately initiate “Chat with a live agent”. As soon as they click on the Chat button, within the browser itself, a Chat widget will open up where the user can initiate the Chat. All of this happens within the Google Chrome or Google Maps interface and so, no download is required on the user side.

Here is how the chat interface looks like:

What can users do?

Google offers a lot of flexibility in Google Business Messages. Users can:

  1. Chat with a ChatBot.
  2. ChatBot can answer their most common queries, FAQs, etc.
  3. ChatBot can collect a lead to arrange a callback.
  4. Connect with a Live Human Agent.

GBM seamlessly integrates with Cogno Chat and ChatBot platform using which a user can get instant support. Users need not struggle to waste their time on the website and “Search” for help. They get instant help in real-time.

What is the benefit for a business?

As a business, you get a lot of benefits from Google Business Messaging:

  1. GBM has helped businesses generate as much as 35% extra leads. That’s a lot of leads!
  2. Help your customers directly in the time and place where their need arises, thereby deflecting call center volume.
  3. Businesses can retarget customers easily by pushing personalized promotions and offers directly to mobile devices as notifications.
  4. Leverage the true capabilities of conversational commerce by upselling and cross-selling to existing customers.
  5. Deliver higher CSAT score.
  6. Reduce average handling time by as much as 28%.

How do I implement GBM for my business?

It is extremely simple. Sign up below or send us an email at hello@getcogno.ai today!