How Cogno AI helped this leading Life Insurer to grow conversions by 29%?

A leading private Life Insurer wanted to double down on its growth during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Let’s call it Acme Life. Acme Life wanted to enable their field agents to be able to sell remotely. The objective was to allow these field agents to prospect and sell insurance remotely.

One of the key challenges in selling insurance is that it is never bought, but rather it is always sold. This means that a typical customer does not want to purchase insurance by themselves. Someone has to convince them to make a purchase.

There was yet another big issue. Before the Pandemic, the way insurance is sold is that an agent comes to your home, asks for Aadhaar and PAN, and makes you sign a document at a couple of places and that’s it - you’re done. In the online mode, this is not possible because of regulations and compliances.

So, Acme Life was faced with a dual challenge of:

  • Enabling agents to convince their customers to purchase Life Insurance
  • Simplifying the form-filling process so that after convincing, customers don’t drop off.


Luck was in favor of Acme Life and their CEO was given a referral of Cogno AI by another industry veteran. We met their Digital Team to understand their challenges to figure out how their existing process works. Here is what we understood:

  • They are in a brutally competitive market.
  • The product is push-based rather than pull-based.
  • Their field agents use an App that contains journeys for various products. Let’s call the app “SELLApp”.
  • SELLApp was being used by thousands of their field agents, distributors, and IFAs prior to COVID.
  • SELLApp was being used by so many people and so, any major change in the App was not allowed given that educating these many people was a tough task.


We worked with the Digital Team of Acme Life and implemented our Cobrowsing module within the SELLApp. The Cobrowsing module worked wonders for Acme Life. We saw 2 major metrics get improved:

  • The conversion rates went up from about 17% to 22%. That’s a 29% increase in the conversion rate and it brought them several crores of revenues extra.
  • The time it takes to fill a Life Insurance form went down from 45 minutes to about 25 minutes. That’s a 44% reduction in the onboarding time and it created a much superior experience for their customers.
  • In many cases, the whole prospecting and onboarding process would take 10 to 15 separate calls with the customer, Cobrowsing brought down the number of calls as it made sure that a single session could deliver transparency and clarity to the customer worth 10 normal phone calls. 


The overall impact of Cogno AI Cobrowsing was quite positive. More than 5,000 of their agents are actively using the solution and on a daily basis, 600-800 sales sessions are being conducted to help Indians secure their future.

The Cobrowsing module contained a bunch of features:

Keeping the massive impact and innovative influence that the Cobrowsing tool brought into the whole life insurance sector, it was acknowledged by many mainstream media as one of the game-changing tools for selling insurance, with a nomination for the best innovative solution at 2021 Efma-Accenture Global Innovation in Insurance Awards.