Screen sharing software - the next big thing in Online Sales?

Today, a large number of companies of all sizes are shifting to a marketing-driven model wherein, they acquire customers online. The idea is to capture leads online through SEO and then convert them by helping them fill the onboarding form. Companies are using this process for both Sales as well as Customer Service.

The process is quite beneficial for organizations because it allows them to scale much faster. Digital Marketing using Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn Ads is highly scalable. In fact, large enterprises are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on this “digital transformation” exercise.

Are you also one of those companies that acquire customers online? If you would have mapped the customer journey on your website, you’d have seen that there are some key areas where customers drop off. However, if the right assistance is provided to them at the point of sale, the likelihood of a conversion is much higher.

However, maintaining an army of Sales and Support agents might be difficult. The costs are high and also, the attrition is also a problem you have to deal with. Keeping this problem in mind, we have an interesting solution for you.

Introducing Cogno AI

Cogno AI is a platform for helping your customers during their buying journey using a combination of Artificial and Human Intelligence. Cogno AI, the AI module of Cogno AI understands all your customer queries and answers them instantly. Do they want to know about the benefits of your product? Cogno AI knows it. Pricing? Cogno AI can help. Features? Cogno AI knows them the best.

Cogno AI uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand your customer queries and provide them an instant reply. Cogno AI today is being used by some of the larges Fortune 500 brands answering millions of queries on a daily basis.

If Cogno AI is unable to reply, it will connect your customers with your Sales or Support Agents over a chat or a call. Your humans can also request the customers to share their screens so that customers can get better assistance. Basically, your agents would be able to see the customer screen exactly as the customer sees it. This can drastically reduce the time taken by the customer on their customer journey and help you grow your digital sales.

Overall Flow

The overall flow is as follows:

  1. First, Cogno AI tries to understand your customer query and provide an automatic reply.
  2. If Cogno AI is unable to understand the customer query, or if the customer wants help from a human, the customer can connect with your agents.
  3. Cogno AI can help the customer connect with the agent through a chat or a call.
  4. In order to assist the customer better, the agent can use Cogno AI to see the customer’s screen using co-browsing.

The Benefits of Cogno AI

You can acquire more customers because Cogno AI helps them during their onboarding journey. Your customers would be happier because they can get replies to their queries and service requests instantly and round the clock!

Simplify Customer onboarding using Screen sharing

How many times have you faced a situation where you are trying to help your friend remotely where you are explaining them - “click on that button on the top left corner” and your friend is like “what? Where is that?”. Imagine if your friend could share his screen, you’d have been able to assist him instantly.

This is exactly why you need screen-sharing software. Imagine if your agents could see the screen of your customers in real-time and assist them through their onboarding journey. Cogno AI provides you exactly this. No more asking your customers to click here and there. Using Cogno AI’s co-browsing module, your agents can assist them in real-time making the conversion cycle much shorter.

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